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Retirement System has never been easier to navigate, with FRS Partners.

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Securing your nest egg with confidence SHOULD BE, WITHOUT A DOUBT, YOUR NUMBER ONE OBJECTIVE.

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Investment advice suited to your needs IS ABOUT FINDING AN ADVISOR YOU'RE COMFORTABLE WITH.

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A Brighter Future through Solid Retirement Planning.

FRS Partners is a turnkey retirement planning agency specializing in retirement for employees who retire from the Florida Retirement System. For the past 28+ years, the retirement consultants at FRS Partners and its retirement consultancy board have been servicing Florida retirees, helping them to enjoy a successful retirement.

Our team is here to help you every step of the way with professional guidance, investment advice, expertise on topics such as the Florida Retirement System, the D.R.O.P. Exit Process, Social Security, Retirement Forms, Sick Leave and the Health Insurance Subsidy. We believe that a one-on-one trusted and personalized relationship is among the most important of priorities to our clients. Our retirement consultants and staff make it a point to be accessible and approachable to ensure that you have an insightful, pressure- and stress-free environment as we help you embark down the road to retirement.

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